Pluie/Noir Podcast 025 / Birthday Special


Sound by Evano & Nitz
Visual Interpretation by Ayane & Max Binski
Video by Max Binski
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers.
Last year, Evano was responsible for the debut of this series. Now, one year later, we welcome him again and a friend for a collaboration, marking the start of a new season in the podcast series, and also presenting the first graphical collaboration. We interviewed the artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
How are you guys?

We are in the studio at the moment, enjoying creative vibes. Thanks.
When & how did you two start working together?
Our first collaboration was project called "Podoknica" (it stands for "Serenade" in our language). It was a sound and visual performance which we did together with Marko Vivoda at a small intimate venue "at Green Rabbit".

Is the Slovenian scene open to new talents, experiments and live improvisations?

The scene itself is quite vital and open towards new things. Crowd has open-minded view to music which leads to more and more innovative events with skillful artists.
When and how did you record this podcast?

Podoknica was recorded in October 2012 at Green Rabbit. 
What we tried to do was a semi Live act where both of us focused on different approaches, using Live. Evano on one side with strongly perceptible focus on Musique concrète and modular programming in Reaktor and Nitz with his field recordings, drone samples and painstaking produced rhythms in Reason, wired back to the mixer's output.
Crucial part of shifting picturesque audio/visual experience consisted of analog visuals by Marko Vivoda.
Podoknica isn`t the same without the visuals. So this podcast is audio collage for those who know how to expand their imagination and disconnect from reality.

What can we expect from both of you this year?
We are planning to start off a series of small educational events focused on electro-acoustic music. Also our next live collaboration is expected in late April.
How have you been?

Great. Starting a multitude of new projects, either in and out of pluie/noir, and gathering up a small graphic studio & workshop at home.

When & how did you two start working together?

We actually went to university together, and were in the same design course/class.
Usually our work was done together when teachers asked for group projects, so working together is a natural thing at this point of our professional lives, learning with each other and exploring the same vibes is part of the process.

How's the employment situation in Portugal at the moment for designers?
Creative studios still appear every once in a while, but are usually recruiting temporary interns for short work periods that are, most of the times, under-payed. The big enterprises are firing a lot of people due to the economical crisis, so our "dream jobs" in the "dream companies" are much harder to find. 
We're both unemployed, trying to survive with freelance work and struggling for personal and honest clients. So if you're reading this and you want to hire someone for design work, we're really nice and hard-working guys ;)
We're actually seeing a full piece instead of the triptych. When and how did you paint this "mural"?
Ayane gathered meters and meters of Kraft paper from Ikea, we just unrolled it over the ground and improvised, listening to the podcast in repeat during a whole afternoon/night. We started using oil crayons drawing the outlines spontaneously, and slowly moved to actual acrylic inks and went with it completely in the end. So this is literally the effect we felt that sound could have on a graphical piece.

What can we expect from both of you this year?

If we get hired more, we'll do more freelance work. ahah
We're both creating our own lines of signed work, moving to new grounds such as sculpture or screen printing, and even some clothing line. Who knows..
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